Avoid unnecessary repairs with regular servicing

Servicing is the most important maintenance schedule in keeping your equipment performing to its optimum ability. Over 50% of repairs last year could have been avoided with our regular service intervals. Not only do regular servicing intervals protect your equipments fundamental and delicate components but also help you avoid unnecessary costly repair bills.

Breakdowns can arise at the worst of times, but with Moose Crane and Plant Ltd you have the peace of mind of 24/7 UK breakdown support. With friendly advice and over the phone support, we are your one stop partner in getting back to what you do best as soon as possible.

Unsure what service you require or simply want some expert advice?

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Crane engineer operating hiab lorry loader
Problems to look out for
  • Low oil level
  • Discoloured or contaminated hydraulic fluid
  • Slow equipment operation
  • Leaks from filler breather
  • Frequent alarm codes/errors
  • Inconsistant maneuverability
  • Dry or contaminated booms and slides
  • Excessive play in knuckles and pivot points
  • Hook bearing seized or worn
  • Plugs/Sensors heavily corroded
  • Water ingress in AV Panels and electronics
  • Ram/Extension rod seals leaking or drifting
  • Hoses worn or outer protective layer weathered and cracked.
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